** NEW PROGRAM FOR 2019 **


Golf instruction has been perceived, and usually offered, as traditional “lessons on the range” (or chipping and putting areas).  But YOU want to be a better GOLFER not better at swinging!  Most professionals offer playing lessons, but 9 holes can take 2 hours, it’s uncomfortable for the student at crowded courses and can be cost-prohibitive.  Following a “traditional” golf lesson, the PGA Professional hopes that the student will take what they’ve learned and apply it to their next rounds of golf… BUT HOW OFTEN DOES THAT GOAL MATCH THE PLAYING REALITY?

As a PGA Master Professional, I LOVE teaching and I LOVE coaching playing strategies, but the student has had to choose one or the other… not with this program!  Why? Because the University of Minnesota Golf facility has a 3-hole “short course” reserved just for its instructors and our students with mowed tee boxes and greens, rough, fairways and bunkers. 

Using a limited flight golf ball, which curves like a standard ball and flies the same distance RELATIVE to these short holes, we can PLAY GOLF and re-create any situation which may occur when you play on a regulation-sized course WITHOUT interruption from other players.  You can use every club in your bag from driver to putter… pretty cool!  You no longer have to choose between a “range lesson” or a “playing lessons” … you get BOTH!

90 Minutes per session
45 Minutes playing and discussing playing strategies at the 3-Hole short course followed by 45 minutes at the practice range
45 Minutes on the practice range followed by 45 minutes on the short course applying what was covered during the lesson.

One Lesson - $160
Series of 3 - $395
Series of 5 - $595
Series of 7- $795 

Develop your game completely... You CAN’T just play, you CAN’T just learn; play and learn in the same lesson and get it all!

Times are tough, but your golf goals should not have to suffer…
Think of your golf development as a LONG-TERM investment. To avoid “sticker shock” or being required to pay a lump sum for your golf lessons, how about spreading them out over the summer months at ZERO INTEREST RATE!
NOTE: Each level is between 40%-50% off my regular price if you were to register for these programs "a la carte".  This program has sold out in the past; open to first 20 to enroll... DON'T MISS OUT!
Greg Schulze
  - PGA Master Professional of Instruction (only 10 in Minnesota)
  - Top 50 Instructor in America – Golf Range Magazine
  - "Best Teacher’s in your State" list (2001-2014) – Golf Digest Magazine
  - Minnesota PGA Teacher of the Year Award - 2007

Here's How it Works:

  • Choose the plan that fits your needs and budget

  • Your credit card will be charged the 1st of each of the 4 months (April-July OR May-August)

  • Must fill out your commitment card by April 30, 2019

  • All lessons, supervised practices must be used by the end of each month - (our way of making the commitment as coach and player) - no carry-overs.

  • Playing lessons may be used anytime before the closing of the course

  • To register, email Greg Schulze at gschulze@pga.com

$110/Month Level
  45-50 minute lesson – each month
  20 minute supervised practice session – each month
$150/Month Level
  2 – 45-50 minute lessons – each month
  20 minute supervised practice session – each month

$185/Month Level
  2 – 45-50 minute lessons – each month
  40 minute supervised practice session – each month
  90 minute on-course playing strategies (one total)**
$225/Month Level
  3 – 45-50 minute lessons – each month
  40 minute supervised practice session – each month
  90 minute on-course playing strategies (two total)**

To register, email Greg Schulze at gschulze@pga.com 



1st and 2nd Lesson - $140 each
Series of 3 (paid in advance) - $360  plus one 15-minute supervised practice (save over $60)
Series of 5 (paid in advance) - $530  plus two 15-minute supervised practices (save over $100)                           
Pay for a series of 5 Lessons and pay less each lesson after: 
6th lesson $100
7th lesson $95
8th lesson $90
9th lesson $85
10 or more lessons are only $80 each (no limit)             
   • Bring-a-friend, add only $10 per person per lesson to total.
The Learn More, Pay Less Program is for the calendar year only (no carry-overs)
To register:  Email Greg Schulze: gschulze@pga.com   
Please include your full name, email address, phone number and the dates you would like to register for.


Golf’s #1 source of physical feedback is the GROUND. Yes, the divot – NOT the ball… the DIVOT. It’s VISIBLE EVIDENCE of exactly what happened during impact. It’s non-negotiable and it EXPLAINS EVERY ball flight of all swings longer than the chip.

Early in life most of us became aware that all activities can be reduced to one of three possibilities and we live in a 3-dimensional world, there are ONLY a grand total of 9 different divot patterns.

It either:
Starts before the ball, at the ball, or after the ball.
And it’s either:
Too shallow, correct depth or too deep.
And it either:
Points left of the target line, straight, or right.
** Of course there is the possibility of no divot at all, but this program will explain that too.*

Once you gain clarity about the ability to “read” every divot, you will be able to trace it back into the swing and fix whatever caused the “wrong” divot to begin with! Intrigued?

Do you want to earn your DEGREE in DIVOTOLOGY?


3 Sessions to earn your “BACHELORS” DEGREE – Agenda is the 3 divot starting locations.
3 More to earn your “MASTERS” DEGREE – Agenda adds the 3 divot depths.
3 More to earn your “Ph.D.” DEGREE (and I’ll even call you “Doctor”) – Agenda adds the 3 divot directions.


Perhaps this will “tip the scale” - You get an ACTUAL diploma! (that I downloaded online and printed out on my cheap printer)… Intrigued now? (ha ha!)

• BACHELORS DEGREE - $330 (3 sessions) Click here to purchase
• MASTERS DEGREE - $595 (6 sessions) Click here to purchase
• Ph.D. DEGREE - $795 (9 sessions) Click here to purchase

> Intrigued? Contact me at GSchulze@pga.com