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Teaching Philosophy:
Your current swing and short game techniques are a unique personalized blend of nearly all your golf experiences. Simply, you "do" what you believe or perceive what you're "supposed to do" at any given time. My job is to make sure that your "to-do-list" does not contain any MYTHS or faulty information which will stall your improvement and enjoyment of playing.  My goal is to change the MESSAGES from brain to body...and the swing will change as the message changes.
During lessons, both proven and efficient physical and mental habits are "installed" into your belief system.  If you think better, you will swing better! Consider this... "CLARITY OF THOUGHT PRODUCES EFFICIENCY OF MOTION".  Your golf swing should not be learned through books, magazines, television or even your own trial and error.

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Improvement begins with a professional diagnosis of your particular body type, strength, flexibility and current beliefs. Next we will assess your current capabilities, your mental approach, and dedication level to practice.
We can utilize the VH1 Premium Swing Analysis System with swing email capability and/or any of over 130 training aids available to visually pinpoint needed areas for change and understanding and work as a team on a roadmap and timetable for your lasting improvement.