Half Play - Half Learn Program (1 Lesson - $160)

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Half Play - Half Learn Program (1 Lesson - $160)



Golf instruction has been perceived, and usually offered, as traditional “lessons on the range” (or chipping and putting areas).  But YOU want to be a better GOLFER not better at swinging!  Most professionals offer playing lessons, but 9 holes can take 2 hours, it’s uncomfortable for the student at crowded courses and can be cost-prohibitive.  Following a “traditional” golf lesson, the PGA Professional hopes that the student will take what they’ve learned and apply it to their next rounds of golf… BUT HOW OFTEN DOES THAT GOAL MATCH THE PLAYING REALITY?

As a PGA Master Professional, I LOVE teaching and I LOVE coaching playing strategies, but the student has had to choose one or the other… not with this program!  Why? Because the University of Minnesota Golf facility has a 3-hole “short course” reserved just for its instructors and our students with mowed tee boxes and greens, rough, fairways and bunkers. 

Using a limited flight golf ball, which curves like a standard ball and flies the same distance RELATIVE to these short holes, we can PLAY GOLF and re-create any situation which may occur when you play on a regulation-sized course WITHOUT interruption from other players.  You can use every club in your bag from driver to putter… pretty cool!  You no longer have to choose between a “range lesson” or a “playing lessons” … you get BOTH!

90 Minutes per session
45 Minutes playing and discussing playing strategies at the 3-Hole short course followed by 45 minutes at the practice range
45 Minutes on the practice range followed by 45 minutes on the short course applying what was covered during the lesson.

One Lesson - $160
Series of 3 - $395
Series of 5 - $595
Series of 7- $795 

Develop your game completely... You CAN’T just play, you CAN’T just learn; play and learn in the same lesson and get it all!

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