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Questions & Answers: 

Q. I have heard that you get worse before you get better following a lesson. Is that true?
A. No. If the student is open-minded and willing to practice the drills given, progress can be immediate.

Q. Why should I take a lesson when I can learn from a book, store video, spouse, or television tip?
A. Simply because that "instructor" has no way of testing your physical capabilities and current swing perceptions.
Q. Why should I select a series of lessons when I only struggle with one area of my game?
A. Because at the end of your round, you can find "wasted" shots in all areas from drive to putt. A series or "game improvement program" teaches you how to effectively practice the entire game.
Q. Is a video lesson really worth it?
A. Absolutely, 90% of all people learn visually. A video lesson: a) gives you a visual image of your swing to be properly "envisioned" during practice and play, b) gives you a running report of your progress, and c) is a lasting reference guide with the pro's suggestions.
Q. What if I have never taken a lesson before, or feel that I am "stuck" in my old ways, or too old to change?
A. Being "stuck" in your old ways is a fallacy. Age does not diminish the ability to learn, and improvement can be made at any age.